We talk a lot about failed relationships and all kinds of bad things that couples do to each other. But, it is not all bad. Some partnerships are really good and hold the promise of being a long and happy one. In fact, statistics say that a big majority of the relationships we see on any given day is healthy and strong. Read on to know the signs that say your relationship is rock solid and is up for the long haul.

Your partner is the first person you want to share any news with – A lot of couples can’t imagine ever wanting to talk to anyone more than their partners when they have some news to share, such as a promotion, or a good review or even something weird or funny. You know you have a good thing going if both of you are best friends and each other’s confidant.

You love spending time together – If just the thought of dating your partner and spending time with them makes you happy and excited, you are probably in a wonderful relationship. There can be no substitute for shared quality time. Being together does not mean just watching television; engaging in shared activities, even mundane work such as doing the weekly shop together, cooking together, eating and going to bed at the same time, nourishes the bond and stands you in good stead while facing life’s difficult spots.

You laugh together a lot – The key to a great connection is laughter. It makes everything else a lot better too. Laughing together can go a long way towards relieving the stresses of daily life and equipping one to tackle challenges positively. When a couple loses their sense of humor, it is often a signal that the soul has gone out of their relationship and they are headed for trouble. It is definitely time to work to get things back on track if you wish to save the relationship.

You are proud of each other – The best couples take pride in each other; they love to be seen together. You are proud of and celebrate each other’s successes as your own. In fact, studies say that acknowledging and feeling happy at your partner’s success can be more powerful than offering support to them when things are going bad.

You accentuate the positive – While all of us are flawed, happy partners tend to focus more on the great qualities of their significant other, and what is going right with the relationship, which in turn draws more goodness to the connection. Conflicts are resolved in a respectful way and in a manner that strengthens the relationship and not rips it apart. While things might not be rosy at all times, sincere efforts on the part of the partners to ensure a healthy relationship can definitely work wonders.

This is where counseling can also help a lot. Talking it out with a counselor can be an excellent way to express your thoughts and feelings and gain better clarity of the situation at hand. Often, in conflicts, it is difficult for partners to see beyond their limited understanding of a situation. At such times, it helps to have an expert offer objective advice that can remedy the situation. A counselor has the expertise and experience to guide a couple safely back to a position where they can truly understand each other and get a fresh perspective of their relationship.

You communicate easily and are relaxed with each other – A healthy bonding has a level of connection that is comforting. You empathize with your partner and see things from their perspective. Your partner’s needs are as important to you as your own. Expressions of love, affection, and tenderness between you two are normal and frequent. Sexual intimacy is good and takes into consideration the desires of both partners. You treat your sweetheart with love and respect and get the same treatment in return.

Though we cannot predict the future if you recognize these points as being present in your relationship at the moment, congratulations! You are definitely on the right track. However, keep in mind, a good connection is not something that just happens; it needs constant work and a serious commitment to be together “for better or for worse.”