If you’re new to the dating scene, whether it’s been several years since you’ve been out dating or you’re just coming of age and you have little experience in the dating world, it’s important to relax and look at this as an opportunity to get to know new people and have a great time. You might have friends who introduce you to someone or maybe you’ve been hanging out with a group from work or church and you’re ready to date someone in a one on one situation. Take things casually and don’t worry about whether the relationship will develop into a lifelong love interest.

Many people get too serious too soon. Just like you wouldn’t meet someone and assume they are your lifelong friend before you have time to get to know them, the same is true with dating and love. When going on a first date, it’s usually best to choose a place where you’ll be able to enjoy some quiet conversation. This is a great way to get to know one another without any pressure. Consider going for a casual lunch or even a walk in the park. If you choose a concert or movie, you really won’t have much opportunity to talk and learn more about what each of you enjoys and is looking for.

While there is an old saying that opposites attract, there is a limit to this interesting piece of advice. If you date someone who enjoys hanging out at the bar and indulging in a variety of extreme sports activities, it can be wonderful, especially if those are the same things that you also enjoy; however, if you are a little less of a thrill seeker and prefer quiet evenings with a movie or candlelit dinner, your diverse interests might become a problem. Obviously, you should each have your own interests, which you can share occasionally with one another, but if you’re always at odds over what to do, the relationship might struggle.

It’s important to keep in mind that dating can lead to the love of your life, but it can also lead to some great new acquaintances. Don’t waste time worrying about not pursuing relationships that just don’t fit, especially if you are truly interested in finding love. Enjoy your time dating, look for the type of person that seems to mesh well with your personality and lifestyle, then allow time to take its course.