How To Stay Happy

What is it about love and dating that scare several people out so much? Love is what many individuals surely lack in substance.

Love And Relationships.

Signs You Have A Long, Wonderful Relationship With Your Partner

We talk a lot about failed relationships and all kinds of bad things that couples do to each other. But, it is not all bad. Some partnerships are really good and hold the promise of being a long and happy one.

Handling The Transition From Falling In Love To Love

When you meet someone special and is first falling in love and dating, that time can feel like the sweetest in the world. You are infatuated with each other. You think about them when you’re not with them.

7 Things A Girl Needs To Know About Love And Sex When Going To College

It is a myth that everybody in college is dating and has sexual partners. While everyone does talk a lot about men, women, and sex in college, not everyone is into relationships.

Find The Love Of Your Life

Many people get too serious too soon. Just like you wouldn’t meet someone and assume they are your lifelong friend before you have time to get to know them, the same is true with dating and love.