Film Review: ‘How He Fell in Love’

"Mature and moving in its navigation of convoluted, conflicting desires, it’s an indie as assured in its silences as it is in its speeches...."


Review: It May Be Called How He Fell in Love, But Its Female Star Is The Reason To See It

"With a sharp focus...Meyers foregoes easy judgment or condemnation to give a full view of a love with consequences."

Los Angeles Daily News

LA Film Festival Review: ‘How He Fell In Love’ a rare mature drama

"How He Fell in Love is truly adult moviemaking that respects both carnality and commitment. It’s the type of mature drama that’s rarely seen in American movies — even the indie ones."

Why So Blu?

Interview: “How He Fell In Love” Standout Amy Hargreaves Talks Character, The Cassavetes Influence and Indescribable Love

"Amy Hargreaves gives one bold, strong and emotionally rich performance that all but solidifies her as on-screen force to be reckoned with. Going to real and raw places but all the while maintaining a sense of strength, Hargreaves Oscar worthy work is nothing short of superb and truly challenges the status quo."

The Arizona Republic

'How He Fell in Love' is the anti-'Sex and the City'

"'How He Fell in Love' is not a Hollywood romance. Instead, writer-director Marc Meyers’ indie feature is a love story told without the airbrush. It’s the anti-'Sex and the City,' a courageously mundane character study that aims to show people as they really are, rather than the gauzy movie version that we all want our lives to be."

Living Out Loud Los Angeles

Review: An Intimate Portrait of an Affair – How He Fell in Love

"How He Fell in Love depicts the affair between a married woman and a younger man, but uses the affair as the basis for an intimate character study instead of a trashy potboiler that ends in carnage. The only real violence here is of the emotional variety."

Tail Slate

‘How He Fell in Love’ rises above typical indie film dramas

"The whole thing rings of real people, not characters created by a writer to tell a story."

Cinema Without Borders

HOW HE FELL IN LOVE Interview with director Marc Meyers

"Not all stories have a bad guy. Not every relationship is lucky enough to have a clear antagonist to stand against and in 'How He Fell In Love' it confronts the audience with exactly that."

Bangkok Post

Matt McGorry: Playing the Bad Guy, Making a Good Impression

"It's a truly complex story that mimics, in a very close way, the messiness of life."


How Matt McGorry falls in love: “When I do, I’m all in”

"Salon talks to the TV star—and Twitter's "woke bae"—about his starring role in new indie film How He Fell in Love"

Film School Radio

How He Fell in Love, Director Marc Meyers

"Director Marc Meyers joins us for a conversation on managing the responsibilities of writing, producing and directing his own unforgettably intimate film."


Pop-Culturalist Chats with Matt McGorry

"Matt McGorry is brilliantly charting his own path in Hollywood...We got to speak with McGorry about How He Fell In Love; and in that process, we learned a little bit about his insecurities, his acting process, and why someone needs to get him a ticket to Hamilton, already."

Film Independent

Don’t-Miss Indies: What to Watch in July

"...evocative, emotionally charged...this is that special kind of indie drama you’ll definitely want to catch in theaters."


Matt McGorry Tries It On For Size

"The How to Get Away With Murder star on life’s hindrances, pop culture, and Marc Meyers’ indie drama How He Fell in Love."

Hollywood Today Live

Why Matt McGorry From ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Hung Out With The Vice President

"Matt's been keeping busy by hanging with his new BFF: Vice President Joe Biden. We get the deets on their hang out plus find out just how much of Matt we'll be seeing in his new movie: How He Fell In Love."

Time Out Chicago

Elevated Films unveils lineup of summer rooftop screenings

"Elevated Films, the non-profit group that sponsored pre-release screenings of indie films on a North Side Whole Foods rooftop to raise money for charity last summer, has revealed a new lineup of screenings for summer 2016."


Movie Reviews: '8 New Indie Film Reviews'

"...the real standout of this story is the five-star turn by the wonderful and heartbreaking Amy Hargreaves who lays barren equal parts love and hate, joy and sorrow in a brave performance that isn’t afraid to show the emotional turbulence and confusion of a woman of age..."


Matt McGorry Is Playing A Sexy Musician In His New Movie

"Someone fetch me a glass of water, please."


The 'How He Fell In Love' Movie Poster Makes Matt McGorry The Romantic Hero Of Your Dreams - EXCLUSIVE

"...the exclusive look at How He Fell In Love's official movie poster makes it clear that I'm already going to need some tissues watching this one."

The Huffington Post

Sidekicks in the Spotlight at LA Film Fest

"...the subtly wrought interior life Hargreaves instills her character with holds your gaze throughout."


Ten Los Angeles Film Festival Movies You Have To See

"How He Fell In Love is a very natural portrayal of a love affair..."

The Los Angeles Beat

World Premiere of “How He Fell In Love” at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival

"...this romance is powerful and convincing, a remarkable story that goes in unexpected directions and finds new depths."

Awards Circuit

LAFF Film Review: How He Fell in Love

"...Meyers has so grounded the narrative that it feels like a fresh unique take."

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