Travis, a struggling young musician, crosses paths with Ellen, an older, married yoga instructor who is in the process of adopting a child. Travis and Ellen begin an affair that slowly deepens into something more intimate and profound. As their encounters continue, Travis must face the consequences of infidelity while Ellen is confronted with her crumbling marriage.

Matt McGorry - Travis
Amy Hargreaves - Ellen
Britne Oldford - Monica
Mark Blum - Henry

Writer & Director - Marc Meyers

Director's Statement

After finishing my feature Harvest, I revisited a previous draft of How He Fell in Love. I had been happily married for several years and knew the time was ripe for me to return to this story and explore a kind of intimacy that I hadn’t yet put on screen.

Yes, How He Fell in Love is essentially about an extramarital affair. But, first and foremost, I wanted to explore how two people can become genuinely & intensely connected to one another, even when timing and boundaries don’t work in their favor.

With that, I didn’t want to place a judgment that their love is forbidden. I believe these two characters, Travis and Ellen, could potentially help make the other a better person. It was also through this lens that I could look at marriage under pressure, revealing both the gems and heartaches in Ellen and Henry’s own relationship.

Together these circumstances reveal different facets of love at different stages of life, all in one story. While there are moments and scenes that are quite serious, I’m not interested in presenting everything so seriously. I strive to bring a mix of lightness and drama to my storytelling.

I aim to create a world where the performances are naturalistic and the camera is present yet doesn’t control our view ... so an audience feels like it’s witnessing real people deal with undecorated, nuanced emotions.

Love is a complicated thing, and that dynamic will forever be worth exploring in film. Hopefully, audiences feel I share this in an open, sexy, honest, brutal, and beautiful way. 

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